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 Our experienced team of bridal hair designers at Hairkrafters Hair Salon in Wichita excel at creating gorgeous custom hair designs that will make you breath-takingly beautiful on your wedding day!  From sophisticated and elaborate to soft and romantic, we can create the perfect look to compliment your own personal style.

Interested in services for the entire bridal party?  Book the salon and make it a festive occasion by bringing in appetizers, finger food and beverages for a memorable time before the big event.



Start Early
Begin working with your stylist as soon as possible to perfect the cut, color and condition of your hair well before the day of your wedding.  It is best to schedule a preliminary consultation with one of our stylists at Hairkrafters Hair Salon several months before the big day to work out a customized plan for your bridal hair design.

Add Highlights
Your hair will look best in photos if it has natural, subtle highlights. Begin your color transformation in advance, and plan to have your last color service approximately 2 weeks before the big day. Do not plan any chemical treatments the day of the wedding. This is no time for surprises!

Stay Healthy
Every bride looks better with shiny, healthy-looking hair.  Ask one of our professional stylists at Hairkrafters Hair Salon in Wichita about a deep conditioning treatment to provide the ultimate shine and manageability to your hair.  Deep conditioning treatments should be completed at least a week before your wedding day.  

Choose a Flattering Style
Don't lose your personal identity when choosing your bridal hair design.  Your hair style should flatter you and enhance your beauty, not become a distraction.  Don't stray too far from your own look and style.

Let Your Hair Design Compliment Your Dress
Your bridal hair design should complement the style of your wedding dress. If you have a slim gown with clean lines and minimal beading, your hair should also have clean lines. If you're wearing a creation straight from a fairy tale, then by all means, Cinderella, go for long, flowing hair and lots of texture!

Schedule a Trial Run
A trial run for hair and make-up are essential to receiving the perfect bridal hair and makeup design on your wedding day. Don't be disappointed if you don't achieve perfection the first time. The goal of the trial run isn't to perfect the look, but instead to discuss and try different options with your stylist.  Here are several trial run tips:
•    Book in advance—at least 4 to 6 weeks prior to your wedding
•    Consider booking on a slower business day such as a Tuesday or Wednesday to ensure a non-rushed appointment
•    Bring photos or magazines that have the look or style that you desire and share the pictures with your stylist at your trial run appointment.  Let our stylists at Hairkrafters Hair Salon know specifics about styles that you like and don’t like
•    If you are planning to wear a veil, bring the veil to your trial run so that you can discuss veil placement
•    If you schedule a makeup trial run at Hairkrafters Hair Salon, make sure that the makeup is applied in lighting that is similar to the lighting conditions that will occur on your wedding day.



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